Food Safety Training and Updates

Check out this info from Ginger Nickerson, GAPs Outreach Coordinator for UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture:

New Vermont Health Department Kit for Testing Irrigation Water
The Vermont Health Department has re-named the kit for testing irrigation water quality.  The kit was formerly called “B-2000,”  but in an effort to make your lives easier, has been changed to “Kit AG.”  For GAPs and Produce Safety plans, these are the tests you will want to request from the Dept. of Health if you are using their lab.
Kit NU— Provides the probable number of total coliform and E. coli per 100 ml of water. Use for potable water (water used for drinking and washing of produce, hands, & food-contact surfaces and other post-harvest use).
Kit Ag — Provides the most probable number of E. coli per 100 ml of water. Use for irrigation water.
Kit N3: Nitrate levels – should be tested yearly as high nitrate levels can affect human & animal health
Vermont Dept. of Health Laboratories: (800) 660-9997

Do you do Value-Added? Lots of upcoming Workshops!
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – June 21
Understanding Food Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – July 11
Introduction to HACCP (geared for non-meat products)- July 12
Meat and Poultry Processors HACCP Training Course – July 16-18
Understanding Acidified Foods Regulations– August 2,
Introduction to HACCP (geared for non-meat products)- August 8
Understanding Acidified Foods Regulations– September 19
For more info:

How are you doing with your produce safety plans? Pack shed modifications? Understanding food safety risks on your farm?  I’m here to help and am happy to do farm visits, give me a call!
Ginger: 802-505-8189

If you are considering GAPs certification – don’t forget to contact Steve Parise now to line up your GAPs certification visit- don’t wait ‘til it is too late!!
Steve Parise:  (802) 828-2426


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