Farm to Workplace Pilot at Vermont Country Store

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link is partnering with Vermont Country Store (VCS) this summer to offer an innovative addition to the store’s employee wellness program. Starting in early July employees will be able to order local farm products from and receive weekly deliveries at their worksite–either the VCS office in North Clarendon (250 employees) or the Manchester office (125 employees).

This year is a pilot year – intended to help VCS, RAFFL, and the participating farmers learn more about the plusses and minuses of this new type of system. VCS is 100% behind this program and committed to making it work.

Interested in being a part of the pilot? RAFFL has a core group signed up to participate but would like to hear from any other interested farmers. Farmers will need to keep their offerings on the website up to date and make deliveries to VCS’s North Clarendon store (the store will make further deliveries to Manchester).

For more information about this initiative, e-mail

A bit about is a software tool developed in Charlotte Vermont as a mechanism for handling orders from multiple buyers purchasing products from inventory posted by multiple farmers. Their system is geared toward managing the administrative aspects of these transactions.

Farmers have a fairly easy way to post their offerings. They control their own postings, can remove things at any point, and inventory is posted up until the night before delivery. Administrators must approve sellers for a particular market and retain the right to remove a farmer if that person is inconsistent with deliveries or has other major problems with quality etc.

There is no charge for farmers to post inventory or for buyers to register with the site. There is a 6% charge to farmers for each purchase that is taken out directly from the money paid by customers. If customers use credit card to pay into the Yourfarmstand account, there is a PayPal transaction fee, which varies by the amount of deposit.

Yourfarmstand has a set of terms and conditions that users need to agree to and it has insurance covering care and custody of products.


2 thoughts on “Farm to Workplace Pilot at Vermont Country Store

  1. 6% charge plus a pay pal charge seems to me to be pretty costly to the farmer
    plus they will have to deliver the goods.
    How can they afford to provide this service?

    • Hi Kathleen – As with anything business related, the farmers participating have to weigh the cost/benefits of using this system. The 6% fee is an admin cost by From what I understand the fee keeps their computer servers running and that’s about it. The customers that order product from the website pay the paypal fee, not the farmers. Again, this year is a pilot. If the farmers and Vermont Country Store employees feel like it’s a mutually beneficial program, then we’ll continue to explore this option and improve on the system. If it doesn’t work, then RAFFL will re-evaluate!

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