Paneer, Caramel sauce, and Ice Cream Workshop on June 12

Paneer, caramel sauce, and ice cream – oh my! Rural Vermont and RAFFL present a raw goats milk processing workshop at Tangled Roots Farm in Shrewsbury on Tuesday, June 12. Farmer Maeve Mangine will teach us how to use their farm’s raw goat milk to make paneer, caramel, and ice cream. Yum!

What: Paneer, Caramels, and Ice Cream – A Raw Goat Milk Workshop
When: Tues, June 12th from 1 – 4 pm
Where: Tangled Roots Farm in SHREWSBURY
$20-$40 sliding scale advance registration required
All proceeds benefit Rural Vermont

To sign up for the class, be added to Rural Vermont’s mailing list, or get more info, call (802) 223-7222 or email

Tangled Roots Farm in Shrewsbury, VT is owned and managed by Maeve Mangine and Lucas Jackson. It is a small, diversified farm focusing on heritage breed, grass and forest-fed pigs and chickens, dairy goats, and shiitake mushrooms. Their small herd of Alpine and Oberhasli goats provide farm-fresh milk from their days spent browsing and grazing the land. Their gourmet shiitake mushrooms are grown outdoors, shaded by the hardwood forest. More information about the farm and products available at:

The Rutland Area Food & Farm Link (RAFFL) is the leading nonprofit helping to build a resilient local food system in the Rutland region – one in which fresh, healthy produce from local farms is readily available to all. For more info, visit

Rural Vermont is a nonprofit advocacy group founded by farmers in 1985. For 25 years,
Rural Vermont has been advancing economic justice for Vermont farmers through advocacy and education. For more info, call (802) 223-7222 or visit

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