Be a reporter for UVM-Ext’s Price Reporting

UVM Extension is building a robust, bi-weekly, direct market farm price report this season.  The report will be a downloadable pdf with the max, min, average and median price for produce sold directly to consumers around the state.

To make this information useful, many farmers need to report prices for the crops they are selling.  We need more reporters!  Even if you are unsure of your prices, become a reporter!  Any farmer selling produce directly to Vermont customers can participate.  NH, NY and MA farmers selling at Vermont farmers markets are encouraged to report!

It is really simple to register on our Farm Pricing website, and after reporting your prices the first time, the system will remember your data.  This means you only have to update the crop prices that have changed over the last two weeks.  Consider reporting prices for all of your crops, or just choose your top 5 crops.  Once your information is in the system, it will take you about 5 minutes to report.

Have apprentices?  Consider making it their task to report prices into the easy, online reporting system.  UVM Extension is happy to train apprentices on using the system.  So, if needed, have them give a call to Jessie Schmidt at 802-223-2389×203 or email Also, the reporting platform is mobile compatible, so reporting can be done right at farmers market from your preferred mobile device.

Did you register in the past, but have forgotten your login information?  Request a new password here!

Join this community effort to create a useful and relevant report for farmers throughout our region. The purpose is to help farmers share information about what they charge at direct markets (farmstands, farmers’ markets, etc) and to improve the market data available for decision-making about prices.  The long-term goal is to support farm profitability by providing current market information and relevant education to farmers throughout the region.

Sign up will take just a few minutes:  A reminder will be sent to you when prices are due.  The first report will be posted in mid-May.

Don’t delay!  Register now and become part of the effort to better understand farm pricing and support sustainable prices for Vermont’s farm products!

If you have any trouble registering, or need help reporting your prices, please contact Jessie Schmidt,  She is available to assist with getting your prices into the system or other tech support needed to aid you in becoming a reporter.


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