Three Revolutions: New, Local Crowdfunding Platform

Calling all food entrepreneurs, writers, tech wizards, educators, activists, chefs, artisans, farmers and their supporters! Vermont-based Three Revolutions is recruiting innovative projects for the world’s first crowdfunding platform wholly dedicated to farm and food ventures. Their vision is to revolutionize the way we connect with food by linking food innovators with appreciative eaters.

At Three Revolutions dreamers and doers share their stories and seek funding for their work. Supporters are inspired to back them and are rewarded with gifts related to the project they fund. The food system flourishes and both innovators and backers reap rewards. Win-win.

In a 2010 Carrot Project study, 40% of farmers who sought a bank loan were turned down. And more than half of the farmers responding to a national Young Farmers Coalition survey cited lack of capital as the biggest obstacle. Crowdfunding allows us to decide what ventures are needed in our communities and to build broad support to bring these ideas and efforts to fruition.

You can find out more — or apply to have your project featured on the platform — at


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