Job opportunities in Wells

Harmony Homestead Farm in Wells, VT has 2 paid positions available plus hosts interns. Room & board included. We are a rustic homestead and farm in our 3rd year. Feel free to call us at 802-325-2108 or email at Website:

Harmony Homestead Farm is tucked away in the beautiful high ground of Wells, Vermont with just under 100 acres of south facing fields, pastures and rich diverse forest. Our produce is grown using the organic practices of soil enrichment by composting, natural mulching and natural fertilizing with a lot of love and hard working hands guiding it through harvest. Nothing but natural enhancements and practices are used to grow our selection of vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Our chickens are free range and fed Green Mountain organic grain.

1.) Lead Gardener: Stretch yourself here if you have significant experience and a passion for growing and you are ready to be in charge. Job description includes all facets of production from dirt to market. CSA, packaging, working with crew, planning, implementing. We need someone now. We invite you to call for more detailed description of job and farm life here. Work, learn, relate, have fun, wake up in a beautiful place every morning. An excellent opportunity for a mutual fit.

2.) Program Director/crew leader: Looking for a versatile motivated person with leadership, teaching and communication skills. Experience with farm/physical work as well as organizing. You will be in charge of crew, projects, morale/activities and being a partner in vision to Harmony Homestead Farm’s commitment to sustainable lifestyle, hard work and enjoyment of community, art, education  and discovery.


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