2012 Artisan Cheesemaking Workshops at Consider Bardwell

Interested in learning how to make cheese or improving your skills? Peter Dixon will be offering the following workshops in 2012, ranging from beginner to very advanced.

Introduction to Cheesemaking I
April 21-23
August 27-29

Introduction to Cheesemaking II
April 27-29
August 31- September 2

Advanced Cheesemaking: Washed-curd, Grana, and Hard Alpine Cheeses
May 26-28

Affinage: Techniques, Microbes and Facilities
June 11-13
October 18-20

Hands-On Cheesemaking for Beginners
June 23-24
September 29-30

Developing a HACCP Program for Small-Scale Cheesemakers
July 10-11

Advanced Cheesemaking : Soft-ripened and Blue Cheeses
September 15-17

Introductory workshops are designed for those looking to develop or improve on a small-scale cheese business, these workshops cover the fundamentals of cheesemaking. No prior experience necessary.

  • Hands-On Cheesemaking for Beginners
  • Introduction to Cheesemaking

Advanced workshops are designed for licensed cheesemakers with established cheese businesses who are looking to expand on or just improve their operations.  These workshops elaborate upon the information presented in the introductory series and accommodate the experience levels of the participants.

  • Advanced Cheesemaking
  • Affinage: Techniques, Microbes and Facilities
  • Developing a HACCP Program for Small-Scale Cheesemakers

Participants are encouraged to bring their cheeses to the class for all to try. Lunches and a course training manual (including recipes) will be provided.Classes are held at the Compass School and the Westminster West Congregational Church in Westminster, Vermont, from 9 am to 4 pm each day.Cost is $400 for the two-day classes and $500 for the three-day classes.

Registration Policy: A deposit of one half of class fees – $200 for two-day and $250 for three-day classes – is required to register. The remainder is payable on arrival. Deposits are only refundable with at least 30 days notice. In case of class cancellation, all deposits will be refunded.

*Note:  While you are attending a workshop, take advantage of the opportunity to visit one or more of the cheesemaking farms in Vermont.  The Vermont Cheese Council offers information, including a downloadable Vermont Cheese Trail Map.

Contact Peter or Rachel at Tel. 802.387.4041 or email westminsterartisan@gmail.com
Spaces in workshops will be reserved upon reciept of deposit. Please make checks payable to Rachel Schaal and send to:
131 West Parish Road
Westminster West, VT 05346


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