Success on Farms program – Enrollments Open

Right now the Success on Farms (SOF) program is in the midst of enrolling farms for this coming year. SOF has different programs aimed at increasing the financial literacy, profitability, and long term financial stability of farms/value added processors throughout the state. We generally work with farmers over a two year period to create a business plan and analyze different growth options or business strategies; however we also have shorter programs for start-up/developing ventures.

Our work is funded through a partnership with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and Farm Viability Enhancement Program- so we also have funding to offer farmers access to various technical assistance grants. Aside from a small enrollment fee, the programs are typically free to farmers.

What can you gain from participation in the Success on Farms program?

Better management of the business of your farm:

  • Skills and tools to project sales, cash flow, and profitability
  • Skills and systems to independently assess future financial decisions
  • Strategies to expand and access new markets
  • Lasting relationships with a team of advisers committed to your farm
  • Access to capital and grants for continued farm development
  • Plans to transition your farm for future generations

To date, Success on Farms has worked with over 85 farms throughout the state to plan and revitalize their agricultural operations. We are based out of the Intervale Center in Burlington, and will travel to you to meet with you at your location. If you are interested in learning more about SOF to see if it is a good match, contact Matt Mole at or by calling 660-0440 x110.  We look forward to hearing from you!

For more info:


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