New Farm to Market Store in Manchester – Looking for Products

Garden Arts announces the Spring opening of a seven-day, year-round Farm-to-Market store in the large building located at the Mobil Gas Station on 11/30 in Manchester’s Depot.

At this time we are seeking marketing partnerships with local food entrepreneurs who would like to reap the benefits of marketing through our new conveniently located Fresh Market serving the entire residential and tourist populations in the Shires of Vermont. We have carefully researched demand for a convenient Fresh Market featuring locally sourced healthy foods to be open daily with ample on-site parking. Townspeople have requested this at various Transition Town and Creative Economy events. Individual meetings with local farmers, food producers, crafters, and others have produced an enthusiastic response to this promising economic and social opportunity.

We are now removing temporary partitions inside the building, cleaning years of grime from floors and walls, repairing the facade, and preparing for new exterior paint in Spring. We are remodeling the interior to transform the space into a rustic country market. After the building renovation is complete, we will upgrade the full service filling station and continue to offer gasoline sales.

Lead time for spring is short and if you want to know more about how to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact me immediately by phone or email.

Steve Burzon, President, Garden Arts Company


2 thoughts on “New Farm to Market Store in Manchester – Looking for Products

  1. Dear Tara:

    Thank you for the post.
    Now in addition to Earth Sky Time Farm, we have Two Farm having agreed to participate. More have come forward in the last few days to inquire —

    Will keep you posted.

    Front room is almost done and fixtures will be in late next week. Will then switch to completing the rear interior ‘barn’. I think we can have that mostly done by the end of January.

    We will begin to display and sell certain non-perishables as well as breads, pastries as early as thew week after next.

    Excellent reaction all around to this new concept.


    • Great news, Steve! Keep us updated and let us know if you’re looking for a particular product of some sort. We’ve seen a lot of positive responses to your shop!

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