Job Opportunity: Small Step Farm looking for Co-Farmer (Waitsfield)

Small Step Farm, a diverse 3-acre vegetable operation located in Waitsfield Vermont, is seeking a co-farmer for the 2012 season and beyond.

For the 2012 season this oncoming farmer would be doing the bulk of the physical farm work, along with hired interns and work-traders.  I will continue at the farm part-time, creating a smooth transition and to fill in necessary gaps.  But, I will be out mid-season as I will be busy with a baby expected in early August!

The ideal applicant would be someone who has managed or operated a vegetable production in the past.  Or, has solid apprenticeship history and is ready to branch out with more responsibility and creativity.

Applicants must be comfortable working a tractor and given implements.  They must have experience with all aspects of vegetable production.  Applicants should possess a positive attitude, high degree of professionalism, interest in learning, and a passion for local food and community.

Small Step Farm is a 2-year business that sells to restaurants and grocery stores in the area.   There is endless creativity possible to also branch out in your own interests, whether it includes community events, farmer’s markets, roadside stands or even a small specialty or low-income CSA.

The farm is on approximately 4 acres of leased land and includes a heated greenhouse, a hoop house, a wash station/tool shed, and on-site housing.

Please contact Jillian Abraham at with your previous farm employment and future interests.


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