Hops & Rhizomes Pre-purchase Program – Atlantic Hops

Hoping to start or continue growing hops? Now is the time to order hop rhizomes for this spring. This year, Atlantic Hops is offering a special incentive to growers who purchase rhizomes through them and then work with Atlantic Hops on the marketing end as well. They’re also implementing a new program to pre-purchase hops from this year’s harvest.

Atlantic Hops is pleased to offer the following varieties for sale at $2.25 per rhizome. The minimum order is 100 rhizomes for a given variety. All orders and a 50% down payment must be received by Thursday, January 12th. The remaining balance, plus shipping charges, will be due when the rhizomes are shipped out in the spring. As a special incentive for growers to participate in our hops pre-purchase program, in addition to providing a sales outlet for your hops, we will also discount the prices below by up to $0.30 per rhizome depending on volume.

Brewer’s Gold
Mt. Hood

Hops Pre-Purchase Program

As we work to meet demand from interested brewers, Atlantic Hops is looking to secure hops for this coming fall. As a result, we plan to pre-purchase some of the hops that are grown in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Prices will depend upon quality, quantity and variety, so please contact me for more details. Note that we can consolidate the same hop varieties from different growers, so we are interested in purchasing even small amounts if they are high quality. Whether this will be your first year planting hops or you are an established grower, working with Atlantic Hops can solidify demand for your hops for years to come.

Contact Information
To place an order or follow up with questions, please contact me at anytime via email (mike@atlantichops.com) or phone (917-868-6480).

Michael Roffman
Atlantic Hops
(914) 834-5130


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