Land Opportunities at the Intervale (Burlington)

The Intervale Center has a number of parcels available for lease for the upcoming 2012 season. Qualified candidates are farmers with 1 to 3 years of experience as farm workers or managers who have a good business plan and unique approach to marketing. The Intervale Center leases land to new farms who apply and are accepted into the incubator program. This program provides new farmers with access to equipment, greenhouse space, and technical assistance with Farms Program staff and with existing Intervale “mentor farms”.

Quick Facts

· They have a number of plots for lease, ranging in size from 1 to 6 acres

· Leases are for five years

· The Deadline to apply is Dec 31

· The application process requires a complete business plan, and IC staff can help with that process

· Greenhouses space, storage, wash station use, irrigation water, tractors and implements are available at a reduced rate for incubators

· Mentorship from existing farms is integral to the program

· Intervale Center staff helps with business development, technical assistance and transitioning to outside land after five years

· Any interested folks should contact Julie Rubaud directly, and as soon as possible at (802) 860-0440 or email

The Intervale Center strives to grow viable farms; preserve productive agricultural land; increase access to local, organic food; and protect water quality through ecological farming practices and stream bank restoration. Full application materials are available on line at or by contacting Julie Rubaud at 802 860 0440 or email


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