Job opening at Brown Boar Farm

Brown Boar Farm (Wells, VT) is looking for a Production Foreman to add to their team.   The foreman will assist the farm manager with day-to-day responsibilities for farm operations. He or she will manage animal breeding and will interface with external vendors for animal health. The individual will also be responsible for equipment, building, and new fencing and repair.

Dimensions: May may manage part time staff and external relationships.  Manages a swine herd of as many as 250 live pigs.  Could include help with greenhouse projects and vegetable production.

Reports to: Farm Manager

Supervises: PT Labor

Interacts with internally and externally:  CEO, marketing manager, external vendors, customers, farm visitors, inspectors for animal treatment groups, inspectors for USDA process and product quality.

Principle accountabilities: Helps with breeding, feeding, herding, marking, and segregating livestock.  Constructs and repairs fences, pens, and buildings: Inspects stock, buildings, fences, fields, pasturage and feed supply, notes tasks to be done, and does them or assigns them to crews or individual workers.

Breeds and raises swine, for such purposes as sale of meat.  Collaborates in selecting animals according to knowledge of genealogy, characteristics, and offspring desired and market need. Regulates breeding of a sow herd to produce maximum number of litters while adhering to the principles of how the farm wants to operate. Attends to sows during farrowing and helps baby pigs to survive birth and infancy.

Selects pasture, range, and croplands and forest to graze animals and produce feed crops to supplement purchased food.

Ensures that fences are inspected frequently and repairs made when necessary. Fences new Paddocks as required and sees that animals are rotated frequently.

Observes animals to detect signs of illness and injury, treats minor injuries and ailments, disinfects and vaccinates animals, and engages VETERINARIAN to treat serious illnesses and injuries. Brands, tattoos, notches ears, and attaches tags to identify animals and updates registry records. Monitors animal health and welfare and ensures adherence with the animal Welfare institute’s standards for animal care. Maintains knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they work and can be controlled.

Formulates rations for swine according to nutritional needs of animals and cost and availability of feeds. Adds supplements to satisfy dietary requirements. Stores and periodically examines feeds to ensure maintenance of appropriate temperatures and moisture levels. Reorders supplies of feed as necessary.

Works with the farm manager to develops an overall production plan and budget.

Operates farm machinery to plant, cultivate, and harvest possible vegetables and supplemental feed crops. Keeps pastures and other land clear and maintains roads. Operates chainsaws, and other land clearing equipment.

Sees that barns, stalls, and pens are kept clean and sanitary.

Feeds, waters, grazes, and distributes other feed supplements for animals.

Conducts maintenance and repair of farm equipment, and farm buildings and pens. Understands the implications of the weather and makes contingency plans.

Protects the environment and maintains bio diversity.

Protects waterways, manages animal wastes and odors and muddy conditions.

 Education / Experience/ Skills: 5-10 years experience overseeing care of farm animals in a production environment. Good mechanical and carpentry skills and demonstrated ability to safely operate and repair farm machinery and heavy equipment.

A person who is self-motivated, can work without direct supervision and who is committed to animal health and well being and producing a quality and consistent product that is desired by finer restaurants and discriminating consumers.

A valid drivers license is required as well as a safe driving record. Flexibility in days worked may be required to ensure daily farm coverage.

BS in Business or agriculture or equivalent experience is desirable.


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