LAST Summer Workshop – Equipment & Tools for Small Scale Production

On Wednesday, September 7 learn from experienced farmer Paul Horton in this workshop on equipment and tools for the small scale vegetable farm. Paul will focus specifically on how to build infrastructure on your farm without spending every last dollar. He’ll discuss various money-saving techniques he’s used over the years.

WHAT: Equipment and tools for small scale vegetable production
WHEN: Wednesday, September 7th from 6 to 8 pm
WHERE: Foggy Meadow Farm, Benson (directions below)

Foggy Meadow Farm is located in Benson, where Paul Horton and Sally Beckwith produce a wide selectiion of mixed vegetables on four acres. The farm business is in its sixth season and has been successful,in part, due to the use of many essential pieces of equipment and tools. A propagation house for seedlings starts the vegetable production system, an extensive irrigation system helps young plants along and assures germination for directly seeded crops, and several tractors are used for tillage and cultivation. In addition, the farmers use a wide array of hand tools for many purposes.

Directions to 2494 Lake Road:  From Route 22A, turn west onto Lake Road (Left turn from the South, Right turn from the north).  The farm will be 2.5 miles down Lake Road on the left.  Park along the driveway.

This workshop is the last of RAFFL’s Summer Workshop series. For more info, contact Kris at

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