Crop Damages: An update from Vern of UVM-Extension

I have just learned that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets has determined that any and all edible produce exposed to flood waters, above or below ground, may not be sold. Please disregard any previous guidance about washing and sanitizing root crops or winter squash that were flooded. No flooded produce may be sold for human consumption. I will share any other details as they are posted.

Damage and Loss Reporting – Resources from UVM Extension

      • Agricultural Damage Assessment Form (Word) & USDA Farm Service Agency website
      • Reporting Crop Damage and Losses in Vermont (UVM Extension press release)
      • Reporting Farm Damage From Hurricane ‘Irene’ (Vt. Agency of Ag press release)
      • Special instructions to farmers needing to report damage: If there is damage to any part of your property or business, including but not limited to barns, milking parlors, crops, fields, equipment, etc., this information should be reported to your county USDA Farm Service Agency or your county Natural Resources Conservation Services office. You can also contact organizations to which you belong such as the Vermont Farm Bureau at 802-434-5646 or NOFA Vermont 802-434-4122. These organizations should send a summary of the information to the Agency of Agriculture which will then forward to VEM. Farmers experiencing loss of crops due to flooding should contact their crop insurance agent immediately as well as USDA Farm Service Agency. Farmers are encouraged to keep in touch with USDA Farm Service Agency at 802-658-2803 and Natural Resources Conservation Service at 802-951-6796.

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