IMPORTANT: Storm Losses Follow Up

This just in from Vern Grubinger ( of UVM-Extension:

I’m sorry that so many of you have had crop and infrastructure losses due to the storm. Please be aware that flooded produce is part of that loss, since FDA considers produce exposed to flood waters to be adulterated and thus illegal for sale (more info on this later).

I want to provide Vermont’s Farm Service Agency and Agency of Agriculture with an overall estimate of losses to our industry so they have the information they need to work on securing additional financial assistance for farmers.

Kindly email me ( an estimate of the $ value of your losses, main crops and number of acres affected, and describe damage to structures. I will total this information up and keep it anonymous when sharing it. If you can, get this to me end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday). If you are in another state please report losses to your Dept. of Agriculture.

If you have crop insurance, or if you think you may need a disaster assistance loan, contact your county FSA office as soon as possible.


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