New Retail Produce Price Reporting System

From Vern Grubinger of University of Vermont Extension: The new system for reporting prices of direct marketed fruits and vegetables sold in Vermont is ready! Beth Holtzman and Jessie Schmidt of UVM Extension worked with a programmer to improve the system piloted last year so is it faster and easier to use. Just fill out the price form once and when you return it will auto-fill with the prices you submitted last time. If your prices haven’t changed, you can resubmit the form as is, or just those that have changed. You don’t need to report prices for all your crops but it would help a lot if you report on several crops monthly so we can collect and share useful data about pricing trends around the state. Every time you submit a report, you get entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate to High Mowing Seeds! The price reports you submit will be saved (password protected and only for you) for you refer to later. Your prices are aggregated with other reports and thus anonymous; the data will only show high, low, average and median prices for each crop. If enough people participate, we’ll also post this data by county, so you can see if prices vary around the state. Calls for price reports will be sent out along with a call for Reports from the Field, but you can report anytime.

Submit price reports at: Log in on the right hand side of the page; the first time only you must create your account with email and password. For this trial run please report your prices by Thursday Aug. 11 and the results will be posted by Friday night Aug. 12 at:


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