Field Manager Position open at Kilpatrick Family Farm

Kilpatrick Family Farm, a cutting edge, young, very highly motivated farm is hiring. We are looking for people who are on board with the local, organic movement, who are self- starters, innovative, linchpin type, who want to effect change in their work environments. as a full time field manager. We are hoping to find someone who is a very hard worker, loves to work outdoors, and cares about the future of local food production. Pay will be based on experience.

Your responsibilities will include: Communicating with our washing shed manager throughout harvest mornings to figure out what needs to be harvested. This includes being aware of what is out in the fields at all times, as well as staying in touch with michael, regarding what he would like to see go to market.

  • Overseeing the harvest crew to ensure that they are picking things properly, being safe with equipment, and staying “focused” on the job.
  • Making sure no truck heads to the fields without the proper amount of harvest bins, rubber bands, knives, and water for the workers if need be.
  • Remaining aware of what needs to be done around the farm. (Things to be weeded, fertilized, put away, trellised, and repaired.)
  • Leading in the more tedious tasks of weeding and cultivation.
  • Motivating the crew to do their best even when working conditions make the job difficult. (i.e. rain, snow, and very hot days)
  • Welcoming and training new employees.
  • Being willing and able to go to our Saturday markets on occasion.

The following are qualities we believe are vital for this position: 

Leadership- Being a leader on the farm is not simply about “taking charge” of situations and telling others what to do. You must work in a way that sets an example for the crew to follow, earns their respect, and preserves their dignity.

Humility- We believe that humility and leadership go hand in hand. If you are prone to blame others for your problems, are unable to take criticism and admit you were wrong, and enjoy criticizing others for their failures, please do not consider this position! 

Flexibility- Because we cannot control the weather, getting things done on the farm is often dependent on weather conditions. You need to be willing to work extra some days, and less other days depending on what needs to be done. We are very understanding when it comes to days you need off and times that you need to leave early. However, being willing to work late on occasion is expected of you.

Diligence- You must come into work always ready to do your best no matter how you feel about the job. When talking with others, your productivity must not slow down. You need to know how to talk and work at the same time.

Organization- Things on the farm need to be put away after they are used.

Punctuality– Being on time in the morning is very important to us. During the Spring, Summer and Fall, Work starts at 7:00. Being late every once and a while is understandable, but it must not begin to characterize you. Find out what time you need to get up to be on time and stick with it.

Cheerfulness- We understand that everyone has bad days- but you must try to be positive about the day even when the going gets tough (either at home or on the farm).

Fitness- There are days when the field work can be very strenuous. You need to be able to bend over for long periods, work on your knees and in crouch positions, and easily lift heavy objects (50 lbs or more.)

We realize that nobody is “perfect” in all these areas. However, we do desire that you possess these qualities in growing measure, and that you are humbly committed to growing further in these areas during your service on the farm.

Direct all inquiries to:
Michael Kilpatrick
p 1-518-217-8595
f 1-518-642-4713
9778 state route 22
middle granville, NY 12849


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