Weeding Party this Sunday

Carol from Radical Roots Farm managed to break her ankle in the middle of the growing season. According to her, “the weeds are getting out of control!” To help get things back in shape, Radical Roots Farm is hosting a Weeding Party on Sunday July 10. Folks can show up at the farm (directions here) anytime between 10am and 6pm. Come for an hour, two hours, three, whatever works for your schedule. Thanks to the Domestic Diva, there will be yummy snacks and drinks available for everyone.

Plus, to thank the community for this help, Radical Roots will donate a $400 Farm Share to the Rutland Area Farm and Food Link’s silent auction this fall to provide a share to a family in need. (Thanks Radical Roots!)

If you’re interested, please send Carol an email (radicalrootsfarm@gmail.com) letting her know what time you plan on coming. She says that there’s plenty of work for everyone – but it will help them be ready if they know who is coming and when. Their only request is that this be an adult-only party. It is not the time and place for children under 12 years old.


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