Crop Insurance – Bad Weather Reminders

Excessive rainfall and flooding in Vermont could create locations where the replanting provisions and prevented planting provisions of crop insurance policies may apply.   Most of the grain and many other of the crop insurance policies provide replanting and prevented planting protection.  Prevented planting decisions should be made as you approach the final planting date for the crop.  Many expect excess moisture to reduce the quality of small grains, which may also be an insurable cause of loss.

Because conditions vary significantly between geographic areas, loss determinations are based on each producer’s individual circumstances.  If you suffer crop damage or loss from these or other adverse weather events, contact your crop insurance agent immediately, discuss your situation, and obtain the full details of what you must do to get the full benefits from your crop insurance policy(s).  Insurance policies have many rules and regulations that must be met.  It’s best to assume that an insurance loss adjuster must evaluate your situation before evidence of damage is destroyed.

The policies require notice of damage to your crop insurance agent within 72 hours of discovery. Additionally, if you participate in Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs, it is important to report your prevented planting acreage within 15 calendar days after the final planting date for the crop in order to receive prevented planting acreage credit.

Final planting dates for crop insurance purposes in Vermont are:
June 10:  silage and grain corn
June 10:  soybeans
June 10-June 30:  fresh market sweet corn, dates vary by county

Do you have questions about crop insurance?  Call Pam!

Pamela Smith
Crop Insurance Coordinator
UVM Extension
Office:  802-349-2966, 518-597-3202
Mobile:  802-349-2966

Crop insurance and other risk management strategies help to preserve and strengthen Vermont’s farmers. More information is available at:


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