Farm Manager Position at Larson Farm

Farm Manager for 25-cow Jersey herd, 40-head Angus/Devon herd, free range layers, and  horse boarding business, in SW Vermont. We intensely rotate,  focusing on quality grass production as our best solar conversion. We supply a local high-end cheese maker, and sell raw milk, eggs, and beef in farm store. Goal is to provide high quality foods to expanding local market.

Primary responsibility is to manage the grass-fed dairy and beef herds, milking, herd health, rotational grazing (dairy and beef herds), and sharing chores with interns. Qualities needed are attention to detail, organization, experience with dairy cattle, tractors and fence building/repair, and the ability to work with interns. Salary and housing options available.

Other interests on the farm besides this salaried position include a desire to work with others with their own enterprises, perhaps horse-powered vegetables, milk processing, orchard restoration, or poultry, sharing resources and marketing together.

Rich and Cynthia Larson, Wells, 802-645-1957


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