Late blight Id’d in CT

Dear growers:

this just in, hopefully it is not the start of any significant late blight in our region but you should be on the lookout for symptoms in tomato seedlings and take care to closely examine potato tubers before planting.

“The first case of Late Blight for 2011 was confirmed on tomato and potato plants in a commercial organic greenhouse in Hartford County, CT. Details: Tomatoes: ‘Mother’s Finest’ were grown from seed collected locally last year; the grower stated that symptoms started to show up last Friday, 22 April; they have been pulling symptomatic plants since then, but new plants are developing symptoms; we observed foliar and stem lesions; Potatoes: ‘Australian Crescent’ were grown from organic seed pieces purchased from a commercial supplier out-of-state; about the same timing for symptoms as the tomato; we only observed stem lesions on the potato; the seed piece looked “okay;” Other varieties of tomato (‘Vintage Wine’) and potato (‘Pontiac Red’) were growing in the same house but have not developed symptoms, yet… I don’t think any of the plants were shipped and the grower will be tossing them.”

Once again, here are links to late blight management info with pictures of symptoms on tubers and foliage:

If at any time this season you suspect that the disease is present in any of your crops please mail or deliver a sample asap for professional diagnosis so we can track the disease in VT. Mail to:

Ann Hazelrigg
UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic
201 Jeffords Building
63 Carrigan Drive
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

thanks, Vern


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