Dairy and Livestock Producers Farmer-to-Farmer Discussion Group Meeting, Larson Farm

Dairy and Livestock Producers
Farmer-to-Farmer Discussion Group Meeting
Larson Farm
69 South Street, Wells, VT

Monday, May 9, 2011
11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Organic and conventional dairy and livestock farmers are invited to the next Farmer-To-Farmer Discussion Group meeting in Southern Vermont hosted by the Richard and Cynthia Larson family and their dairy herd manager, Ashlee Kleinhammer.

Larson Farm has a milking herd of 20+ Jerseys, selling the milk to Consider Bardwell for artisan cheese production.  Ashlee is on her first role as a herd manager, and reaches out to farmer friends and advisors, learning from a broad scope of farming experience.  The meeting will be facilitated by Willie Gibson, Dairy and Livestock Advisor with NOFA Vermont.

Discussion topics will include: (1) bedded pack housing and manure management;  (2) marketing meat and eggs; (3) optimizing grass, forage and grazing; (4) topics other farmers bring.

Come share your ideas and experiences. The group will also identify upcoming topics and on-farm meetings.

The Larsons will make a pot of chili, and side dishes to share are most welcomed!

Directions to Larson Farm:
Find Rte 30 in the SW of Vermont and take it to the village of Wells.  South Street is directly off 30, heading South out of the village.  Larson Farm is on the left about 1/2 mile.

Biosecurity:  NOFA VT will provide disposable pull on booties for everyone to wear.

Contact Willie Gibson (willie@nofavt.org, 802-535-9067) or the NOFA VT office (802-434-4122) for more information.
Larson Farm phone: 802-645-1957


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