Farmer to Farmer: Vermont to Japan donation campaign

Farmer to Farmer: Vermont to Japan donation campaign

Endorsed by NOFA-VT (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont), the Vermont Farmers Market Association and RAFFL (Rutland Area Farm and Food Link)

Organized by Radical Roots Farm (

We are asking all Vermont Farmers to donate 5-10% of their proceeds from their opening day of Farmers’ Market to support Japanese farmers and residents devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. All funds will be donated to two beneficiaries:

  • The American Friends of Asian Rural Institute (AFARI), a sustainable, organic agriculture techniques, leadership and community development institute ( ).
  • ShelterBox USA, which provides aid boxes to supply extended families with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless ( is simple.

TODAY:  Download and print the poster from by clicking on the Farmer to Farmer Donation tab. You can find full details about the campaign on this site.

TODAY: Send an email to to let us know you are participating and what percentage you are pledging (we suggest 5-10% of opening day proceeds, but more or less is fine). We will use this information in our statewide press releases and outreach materials. If you do not want your farm name mentioned, please let us know.

ON OPENING DAY OF MARKET: Hang the poster at your booth to let customers know you are participating in this campaign. Encourage customers to donate by providing a basket to collect cash or checks – be sure to remind customers to make out their checks to one of the two beneficiary organizations listed above (this is noted on the poster). Write in the percentage you are donating on the poster in the space provided.

AFTER OPENING DAY: Convert the money you are donating, along with any additional cash collected, into a check(s) made out to one or both of the beneficiary organizations (your choice).

BY MAY 15TH: Send all checks (no cash) to Radical Roots Farm, c/o Carol Tashie, 74 Baxter Street, Rutland, VT 05701 no later than May 15th. We will send all checks collected from farms throughout the state to the beneficiary organizations. We will also tally up all donations and use this in our post-campaign press release and outreach materials.

ALSO: Please encourage all farmers and other Farmers’ Market vendors to participate in this campaign.  Use your email lists, social media sites and word of mouth to help build the momentum.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Email Carol Tashie and Dennis Duhaime from Radical Roots Farm ( or check out the Farmer to Farmer Donation tab on our website ( for full details.


One thought on “Farmer to Farmer: Vermont to Japan donation campaign

  1. Everyone
    Please consider participating in this. It is a great way for VT farmers to show our solidarity with Japanese farmers and residents. I have started doing PR and outreach and will make sure participating farms are noted.
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Radical Roots Farm

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