How did you find the land you’re farming?

Hey new farmers,

I am working on a New England-wide project to better understand land access issues facing new farmers.

One thing we are trying to identify are the best ways new farmers find they land they farm on (either rental opportunities or farms to buy).

  • How did you find the land you are currently farming?
  • Did an organization refer you, was it word of mouth, a flyer in the general store?
  • Please be detailed.
  • Any feedback on the difficulty of finding your land, and how long-term it is would also be welcomed.

Thanks!  India Burnett Farmer – RAFFL Program Director


One thought on “How did you find the land you’re farming?

  1. Hi,
    Finding land to farm was a fairly involved process for me. I told everyone that I talked to that I was looking for land, and told them what I was looking for. Since I knew the general area in which I wanted to farm, I just started driving back roads, looking for unused or underutilized farm land. I’d usually drive by a few times before working up the nerve to stop and knock on the door. If that person wasn’t interested in leasing land, or if their land turned out not to be what I was looking for, I asked if they knew of any other pieces of land that might be promising. Old farmers often were the best people to talk to, because they knew all the other old farmers and all the old farms and what had happened to them. I don’t know how many people I spoke with about land; I talked seriously with 2 or 3 people before reaching some sort of impasse, but after over a year of looking, I found a place to lease. A friend, who was putting the word out there for me, got a recommendation about a place to look at, which he passed on to me, and I was able to come to an agreement with the older couple who owned the place to lease 3 1/2 acres.

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