New Farmer Apprentice Program offered by Intervale and UVM

Farmer Apprentice Program

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Small Scale Farming-Partnership of the University of Vermont and the Intervale Center

Dates: April 4, 2011-November 1, 2011

The University of Vermont is excited to announce the inaugural year of its Farmer Apprentice Program.  The Program is a 7-month long educational training program for aspiring farmers.  It is designed to teach the necessary skills in production, management, marketing and entrepreneurship. This will be accomplished by working alongside current Vermont farmers, management of a sustainable small-scale vegetable operation, and relevant classroom instruction and field trips.

Aspiring farmers should attend:

  • Who are looking for a career in sustainable farming or interest in organic practices
  • Who want to create sustainable food systems
  • Who value a comprehensive education in all aspects of the business of farming, including selling and distribution
  • Who want a hands-on “on the farm” experience
  • Who are changing careers to a more environmentally connected profession
  • Who want to live and learn in Vermont about small-scale, diversified farming

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