POSTPONED!! Excel Crop Planning Workshop

This workshop has been Postponed until NEXT Tuesday, February 8th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  The agenda will stay the same.

Thanks, India Farmer


Tuesday February 8, 6:00 – 8:00 pm (Note change in date!)
Green Mountain College, Griswold Library, Computer lab 206 (second floor of the library).  Here’s a map of the GMC campus.  The Library is the southern most building.
Please register for this workshop here!

Agenda and details below.This workshop will focus on the use of Excel for production planning purposes.  The use of spreadsheet software like Excel can greatly facilitate vegetable production planning.  Green Mountain College Farm Manager Kenneth Mulder will demonstrate how to use Excel to calculate and record planting and transplanting dates, planting amounts, estimated harvest dates and yields, and succession planting dates.  Participants will then use Excel to develop their own spreadsheets.  No familiarity with Excel or the use of spreadsheets is required.  Familiarity with production planning is helpful but also not required.

**Bring a thumb drive with you to save your work and bring it home.  If you don’t have one, you should be able to email the file you create during the workshop to yourself*** If you work on a mac laptop, bring that too.


6:00  Introductions and objectives

  • Who are we and why are we here?
  • What do we hope to accomplish?

6:15  Introduction to Excel

  • Using Excel to perform calculations
  • Navigating within and between spreadsheets

6:30  Production planning with Excel

  • Determining planting dates
  • Determining planting quantities
  • Determining seed requirements

7:30  Developing a planting schedule and planting records

If time:  Using pivot tables to summarize data

This is a follow up workshop from our Summer New Farmer Workshop on Crop Succession Planning.  (If you didn’t make the summer workshop, that’s okay.  Watch a video of that workshop and review handouts here)


2 thoughts on “POSTPONED!! Excel Crop Planning Workshop

  1. I can’t make this new date – it coincides with SolarFest’s first festival committee meeting which I really need to (and promised to) attend.
    Will you be videotaping this? I would love to learn the skills even though I can’t attend.
    PS: Do we have any possible dates for our next Collaborative Marketing meeting – perhaps with VT Fresh Network? My calendar is getting so full, I would hate to miss that!

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