Kidding Internship at Consider Bardwell Farm

It feels like winter just started but we’re already gearing up for kidding season! This year we have nearly one hundred does bred to begin kidding on March 1st. Every doe will give birth to 1-3 kids within a roughly two month time period, and it is the job of the farm staff to ensure the health and productivity of all the goats on the farm (including the +/- 150 new kids!).

As you can imagine, it’s a very exciting, exhausting time of the year. So, if long hours, sore muscles, and, of course, mobs of baby goats appeal to you consider our Kidding Intership!  We are looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking individual to assist with all aspects of farm management including: delivery of kids, goat health, milking, feeding, and cleaning chores.

Farm Description: Consider Bardwell Farm is a goat dairy and cheesemaking operation located in Southern Vermont’s Indian River Valley and easternmost Washington County, New York. The milk from our herd of 100 Oberhaslis is used to make several varieties of award-winning, aged raw milk cheeses. We are an Animal Welfare Approved, grass-based dairy, following an intensive rotational grazing program.

At Consider Bardwell we are committed to sustainable farming methods that minimize waste and emphasize quality. Always aware of our ability to drastically affect the local ecosystem, we strive to be responsible environmental stewards, considering the humane and ethical treatment of our animals above all else.

Internship Starts: February 25
Internship Ends: On or around May 1
Number of Interns: 1
Application Deadline: Feb. 1
Minimum Length of Stay: Negotiable

Meals: Interns will be responsible for purchasing and preparing their own meals. A small weekly stipend will be provided to assist with food costs.

Skills Desired: -Ability to do physical labor
-Ability to work independently
-Intern must be prepared to deal with the life and death component of farming
-Willingness to work long and undefined hours
-Good work ethic
-Ability to maintain a good sense of humor

Educational Opportunities: The Consider Bardwell Farm intern will be joining us for a season when an assortment of goat farm management practices are in use. An interested and self-motivated individual can expect to learn a wide array about goat husbandry.

Stipend: Weekly stipend provided for food.

Housing: Provided.

Contact: Margot Brooks, Alex Eaton

Phone: [Cell] 802-342-3979



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