Grants for Grass Energy Pelletization & Marketing

VSJF Announces $100,000 for grass energy pelletization & market development
The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund is announcing the release of a new RFP (Request For Proposals) for the research and development of a pelletizing system capable of processing grass fibers into fuel. In addition, proposals shall include a business plan that identifies steps leading to new markets that utilize pelletized grass as a heating fuel in Vermont.Under the Vermont Biofuels Initiative*, VSJF is seeking proposals that will lead to the design, fabrication, demonstration and use of a mobile or stationary pelletizing system capable of converting at least 1 ton of grass biomass per hour into densified fuel. Projects must be able to identify at least one in-state source of grass biomass that will be pelletized and at least one in-state end-user of the pelletized fuel.

Any organization, farm, individual or business that maintains an active and physical presence within Vermont is eligible to apply for these funds.

The deadline for proposal submissions
is February 28, 2011

To download the RFP, application, and instructions visit the VSJF website

If you have questions regarding this RFP please contact VSJF via email

Netaka White
Bioenergy Program Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

To learn more about the Vermont Grass Energy Partnership, and view the latest report on grass and grass/wood pellet combustion trials in Vermont Click Here.

*The Vermont Biofuels Initiative receives major funding from a US Dept of Energy grant, secured through the office of Senator Patrick Leahy.


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