VT Beancrafters Looking for Help with the Harvest!

Hey folks – Joe Bossen, owner of Vermont Bean Crafters, is getting ready to harvest this year’s bean crop and is looking for some help.

Here’s the essential info on the bean harvest from Joe: It’s starting this coming Tuesday (October 5th) at 2:30pm.
It will be in the back fields of Boardman Hill Farm (1030 Boardman Hill Rd, West Rutland).  It will go until we’re done or until dark.

Best case scenario we’ll be pulling close to 800lbs out of 208 square feet of weeds and soil.

Food and drinks will be provided.  Tell all the folks you can.  It’s gonna be fun.

If transportation becomes an stumbling point for folks, I’ll do what I can to facilitate.

Once the beans have dried a bit more in the barn, we’ll have some community threshing days. We’re looking to line up a bicycle-powered thresher (a la winooski bean threshing cooperative, or else the Elmer Farm’s stationary thresher) and would love to get some community groups and/or schools involved. Any ideas much appreciated.

More info is up at our site: www.vtbeancrafters.com

Thanks a bunch! Joe Bossen (email directly with questions)
PS- Anyone know where to score some affordable/free onion bags?


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