Charlotte Farm Land for Lease

The town of Charlotte is offering approximately 100 acres of
agricultural land for lease in the Town-owned Charlotte Park and
Wildlife Refuge. The land is accessed from Route 7 and is currently in
a 5-yr lease that expires 12/31/2010.The land had been used for hay and corn crops over the past 10 years,
and pasture at certain times of the year. The Town is open to
considering a variety of lease options, including leasing all or some
of the farm fields, and different lease durations depending on the
needs of the farming enterprise.

Being within a public park, the land provides a unique opportunity for
demonstrating forward-thinking agricultural practices. Additionally,
the agricultural goals of the park must be balanced with its
recreational and wildlife values, and farm uses need to be consistent
with the guidelines within the Charlotte Park and Wildlife refuge
Comprehensive Management Plan. This arrangement requires good
communication and coordination between the farmer and the Park
Oversight Committee.

The current (1999) Management Plan and a map of the agricultural units
can be found on the Town of Charlotte web site at

If you are interested, please contact the Park Oversight Committee
Chairman, Jack Pilla at 802-343-1335.

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