Building Soils Workshop 7/28

Building Soils: Soil Testing, Composting and Amendments, the second in a series of six training workshops for new farmers  is coming up!

Wednesday July 28, 5 – 7 pm
Dutchess Farm
Poultney, VT

Farmer Stephen Chamberlain, NRCS Soil Conservationist Carla Fenner, and NOFA-VT Vegetable and Fruit Advisor Wendy Sue Harper will discuss the need to test soils annually, and how to use soil tests to determine your need for organic fertilizers. How a cover crop and vegetable rotation system can control weeds and increase organic matter without added manure or compost will be demonstrated. Choosing a site for vegetable production will also be discussed. Dutchess Farm grows 4 acres of produce using organic practices, selling to a 100-member CSA, the Rutland Farmer’s Market, and the Rutland Co-op.

The Beginning Farmer Workshop Series is geared towards new farmers that are still “learning the ropes” to succeeding in agriculture – whether they are still interning, just beginning their farm business, or are full or part-time farmers with less than 10 years of experience.  The workshops cover a range of skills that often challenge new farmers.  Those attending the workshops will learn about marketing and business strategies,  building healthy soils, farm equipment safety and maintenance, crop planning and pest and disease management.

Directions to Dutchess Farm:
From Poultney go north on Rt. 30 about 3 miles, turn right on Ward Road. Go to end. At T turn left onto Lewis Road go about 300 yards. I will park white box van at turnoff (left) into field. Park either on Lewis Road or on top of hill if you pull into turn off. From Castleton Corners, head south on Rt 30. About 1 mile will be Brown’s Farmstand. Proceed 2 miles south (straight) from there, turn left onto Walker Rd. Go to end. At T turn left go to top of hill, pass 2746 Lewis Road (pale yellow house with Red barn with “Tidy Hill Farm” sign). Just ahead pull off on right to field. (white box van parked there. Park on road or top of hill.

Parking: Please park on left as you enter field, and please make sure not to park on cropland.

Details on future workshops here

  • August 11 • Business Strategies and Cheese • Blue Ledge Farm
  • August 25 • Farm Equipment Primer: Safety and Types of Equipment for Small Farms • The Larson Farm
    ******* with NOFAvore social and New Farmer Mixer!******
  • September 8 • Crop Planning: Succession Planting & Diversification Choices • Cerridwen Farm
  • September 22 • Organic Pest and Disease Management • Boardman Hill Farm

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