Help test new online price reporting system!

Help test an online price reporting system developed by UVM Extension.  I know some of you have missed the pricing reports that the Agency of Ag. produced in the past.  See message from Vern Grubinger below:

Dear Growers,

University of Extension has developed an on-line retail price reporting systems for vegetables, berries and bedding plants to help farmers around the state share information about what they charge for these products.

Please  ‘test drive’ the system to help us see how well it works to collect data. THIS IS JUST A TEST – PLEASE ENTER GUESSTIMATED PRICES OF CROPS YOU WOULD MOST LIKELY REPORT ON THIS SEASON.

We also welcome your specific suggestions for improvement about the way products and prices are listed.

Keep in mind that not everything everybody sells can be listed. The system is now at its maximum, so if you suggest adding an item, you must also identify what should be dropped.

Also note that the price ranges shown are rather wide but not all of the range has to be used. What’s important is that the low and high end prices listed for each product can accommodate what you expect to charge.

To take part in this test effort, pick a couple dozen crops and just guess at this year’s prices if you have to. You must enter data by Thursday June 11 to take part in the test. The data will be erased after the test is complete. We hope to launch the system a week or so after that.

To enter data, go to:

Note: the price reporting system makes sense for any growers that sell in or near VT.  If the sales were made outside of VT click on the blank button under counties.

Special thanks go to Jessie Schmidt and Beth Holtzman of UVM Extension and the Women’s Agricultural Network for all their work in designing the reporting system and the crop listing.

If you have questions let me know.


802-257-7967 x303


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