Does everyone know about the Carrot Project?

Check out this option for micro-financing for your small farm operation.  The Carrot Project primarily serves VT, MA and ME!

The Carrot Project

The Carrot Project’s work is premised on the importance of successful small and mid-sized farms in the U.S. Though access to capital is important to their success, many of these farms have difficulty obtaining loans. The Carrot Project is finding ways for small and mid-sized Northeast farms to get the capital they need.

By working with farmers to realize their dreams, The Carrot Project is helping rebuild a food and agriculture system that creates opportunities for smaller farmers, provides healthful, locally produced food for citizens, and is good for the environment, as well as local and regional economies.

We create, test, and operate financing programs that support profitable, sustainable farm businesses that are unable to find financing. We do this by: 1) partnering and leveraging the assets of community-based lenders, socially responsible investors, farm support organizations, and farmers; 2) learning and leading by example; and 3) sharing our work and experiences with others.


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