Tractor Safety – Input needed

Hey everybody – Matt Meyers is looking for farmer input in a farm safety promotion campaign he’s kicking off this summer.  Info below.

Hi!  I am the new Roll Over Protection Structures Guy at UVM Extension in Morrisville.   Did you know that farmers are 8 times more likely to die on the job then the average worker?  And that most of these deaths are due to tractor rollovers? Yet, Roll-Over Protection Structures (ROPS –or a roll bar and a seat belt on your tractor) are 99% effective in preventing these deaths -or serious injury from tractor rollovers.

We will be offering a 70% rebate to farmers who get ROPS installed, but first we have to get their attention!  I am in the process of testing media messages to farmers that we will use in a campaign this fall to encourage them to retrofit their older tractors with ROPS.  So if you are willing to look at some prototype messages and images in small groups with me that would be great!  I will be testing messages with groups of three farmers (Veggie or Hay farmers) starting June 21 through the end of July. I can offer you a $25 stipend and mileage.  I am also happy to travel to your location. Please consider helping shape this important safety campaign by giving us your feedback.  You can email me at or call 802-888-4972 x404.   Thanks very much!


2 thoughts on “Tractor Safety – Input needed

  1. Hey India!
    Thanks for sharing this on your excellent blog!! Folks should know that I can meet with them in the wee hours of the morning -or later in the evening (growler in hand?) to get their input on this campaign if that is easier to fit into their day. I would love to hear from some farmers in the Rutland area. Seems like a happening location!

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