Land for Sale: Dairy farm in NY

I know this isn’t in our neck of the woods, but it is a fantastic opportunity for someone willing to move for the right farm!

**Farm for Sale with help from Open Space Institute*

Dairy farm with great infrastructure in Swan Lake, White Sulphur Road,  Sullivan County – operating since 1896, 167 acres, rented an additional 400. Wonderful family, Nelson Hector, who just could not hang on any  longer. He moved his entire family to MN where he is working on his brother-in-laws farm. Sold all of his cows about 8-9 months ago. Today I  found out that I got a grant from NRCS for almost $500,000 as a 50% match for purchase development rts – OSI is willing to provide the other
half. I cannot give this money back. We MUST find a farmer. Please  spread the word. I’ll get details on the property and price.

This is a  rare opportunity to keep an historic farm in a critical ag community  alive and well. And even more rare to get gov’t money to do it! Please  help! thanks.

Jennifer Grossman, Esq. Vice President for Land
Acquisition Open Space Institute 1350 Broadway, Suite 201 New York, NY
10018 P:212-629-3981 x227 F: 212-244-3441


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