Let’s profile the Rutland Region’s new farmers! What do you think?

I just read a great article in Yes! Magazine profiling america’s “New Crop of Farmers.”  It was fun and exciting to read each farmer’s short farm description and profile.

Many of them spoke about their farming philosophy and what incited them to pursue farming as a career and lifestyle.  Others talked about their business and how they’ve approached farm start-up.


I want to put together profiles of the Rutland Region’s  “New Crop of Farmers”!  What do you think?  Would you be willing to draft a short farm profile of yourself and your farm, send in a pic and share your story with the rest of us?  Are you interested in reading about other new farmers in our area?  Would this help you feel more connected to our farming community?  Comment with your thoughts and interest!


2 thoughts on “Let’s profile the Rutland Region’s new farmers! What do you think?

  1. I’d love to find out more about those people who are entering farming, regardless whether it is a first career or second or third. When did they develop a desire to grow food? Was there a specific incident that led them to consider farming as a career? Who is their primary market? Are they growing one thing or a variety? Where do they see themselves being in five years?

    It’s exciting to me to see this movement. When I was young, parents often discouraged their children from entering agriculture as a career, or tried to talk them into agribusiness like working for the Farm Bureau or somewhere else with shorter hours, paid vacations, and clean hands.

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