Webinar: Intro to Plant Diseases and Management Strategies for the Farm, 6/24

Intro to Plant Diseases and Management Strategies for the Farm, a webinar presented by the UVM Extension New Farmer Project, June 24, 7 pm *

Many of us walk into the field or greenhouse and are stumped by what we see.  Is it insect damage, nutrient deficiency, plant disease, or something else?  Join Ann Hazelrigg, director of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic at the University of Vermont, to learn to identify common plant diseases and learn strategies for managing them.  Ann has degrees in Plant Pathology and Pomology  from  Colorado State University and Cornell.

She will share her extensive collection of pictures for identification and her wide breadth of knowledge on plant disease.  Bring your questions and on-the-ground experience to share!

Newcomers to online learning are welcome. All you need to participate is internet access and a computer that you can hear sound through. Go to http://tinyurl.com/NFPJune-24Webinar at about 6:45 pm on June 24. Or, visit that same link a few days earlier to pre-configure your computer for webinar participation. For more information, contact newfarmer@uvm.edu or call 802-223-2389×203. If you require accommodations to participate in this program, please let Mary Peabody know by June 17 at 802-223-2389 or 1-866-860-1382 (toll-free  in Vt.) or mary.peabody@uvm.edu so we may assist you.


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