Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd for Sale

Sixteen goats for sale over in NH.  Please see description from their owners below:

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd Available

Do you know of anyone hoping to start a home dairy and/or expand an existing herd?

(Our milking NDG’s generally give 1-2 quarts a day per animal — 1 for the new milkers, 2 for experienced milkers)

I am hoping to sell them this month. They are healthy and happy, and I’m sure would adjust well to other farms as long as they had a buddy with them. We have sixteen goats:  eleven are does, five are wethers (castrated males) that would make great pets and companions for the females. Alternately, if there are people out there who prefer to raise goats for meat rather than purchasing meat from the mega-industries, four of the five wethers are at a good age for slaughter (about a year old. We slaughtered a female goat at three years old, and the meat was delicious.)

The females are great for breeding and milking, as well as for pets.  (Also, of course, good goat meat if one chooses.)

All sixteen of the goats are healthy, disbudded (no horns), have great manners, no smell, and are friendly and affectionate with people, including kids.

We have had goats for seven years, and our kids grew up with them, enjoying them as pets and learning pet care. Friends often come with their kids and grandkids to visit, because the goats are always friendly, and as they are Nigerian Dwarf goats, they each have unique coloring that may or may not look like their dam or sire, but like granddam or grandsire or some combination — always a treat to breed and see what combination of markings and coloring results!

I am returning to school in June to pursue a Master’s degree, and will likely continue my part-time work as well.  I just don’t have enough time to devote to goats on top of everything else.

We will sell two at a time (because one goat by itself becomes lonely, unhealthy and could start some attention-seeking behaviors out of sheer boredom — not a problem when they have at least one buddy)  or we are willing to sell several at a time, or the whole herd if someone is interested. We are willing to negotiate price. Most important to us is that they go to a good home(s) where someone is set up to have farm animals, and where they will be cared for.  They will return the love and affection fourfold.

Shoshana and Bob Cote

Newport, New Hampshire


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